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Young Farmer

Water Management

Water is essential to every aspect of life. Managing the optimal use of this precious resource requires accurate knowledge of not only the current availability, but the future availability of access to water. With the growing uncertainties of global climate change and extreme weather events, sustainable planning and distribution of water resources will be even more difficult.

As water becomes scarce, the importance of water management grows vastly. SNOWi helps you to improve your water management in alpine regions.

We outperform existing streamflow forecasts for three key reasons:

(1) We exploit the latest machine learning algorithms using Long Short-Term Memory networks in our hydrological models

(2) We tackle existing uncertainties in snow hydrology utilizing our sophisticated physical snow-balance model

(3) We use high-precision weather forecast models, which account for the large weather variability in alpine terrain

With SNOWi, you can improve:
  • Water management

  • Crop yield forecasts

  • Fishing forecasts

  • Crisis management

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