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Hydropower operators need accurate information on snow quantities and the timing of snow melt in their catchment for reliable streamflow forecasts. These forecasts are paramount for efficient production planning, and flood protection. Today, hydropower stations are losing around 10% of potential revenues, because current approaches to quantify the water bound in snow typically lack sufficient accuracy, spatial coverage and temporal resolution.

Combining the strength of high-resolution satellite data, innovative ground sensors and precise weather forecasts we will estimate the current and future amount of snow in a catchment very accurately. This information can reduce the uncertainty of snow water predictions by up to 50%. We provide accurate time-series on current and forecasted snow water equivalent (SWE) and melting water via a user-friendly API. The customer can feed this data directly into his own hydrological models to calculate the inflow of water into his reservoir or run-of-river power plant. This data helps Hydropower operators to optimize the production planning and minimize water spills during spring and summer, resulting in an increase of their revenues by about 5%. 

SNOWi provides a comprehensive solution to hydrological modeling. Our solution covers every stage of the snowfall timeline, from weather pattern developments and forecasts to vast spatial coverage analyses and actual catchment-wide ground measurements.

Currently we are running pilots with


Results will be available soon.

With SNOWi you can improve:

  • Hydrological modeling

  • Production planning & revenue

  • Flood forecasts & safety

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